The Grove

The Grove

Site Address

Ireland Grove Rd. Bloomington IL 61704

Homes Built

545 from 2003 - 2018

Home Styles Constructed

Ranch & 2-Story

Price Range

$250,000 - $500,000


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Click to download the plats and covenants for each addition at The Grove:

The Grove 1st Addition Plat

The Grove 1st Addition Covenants

The Grove 2nd Addition Plat 

The Grove 2nd Addition Covenants

The Grove 3rd Addition Plat

The Grove 3rd Addition Covenants 

The Grove 4th Addition Plat

The Grove 4th Addition Covenants

The Grove 5th Addition Plat

The Grove 5th Addition Covenants 

The Grove 7th Addition Plat - NEW PHASE! 

The Grove 7th Addition Covenants



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