Nifty Shades of Gray

Nifty Shades of Gray Some of the Most Popular Gray Paint Colors Used Today

Written By Lauren Aaberg | 8/5/2020


When choosing paint colors for your home, the options are endless. Especially when it comes to the neutral tones. Gray has become the go-to neutral tone for most people looking to give their current home a refresh or when building a new house. Grays can be tricky due to the undertones, amount of light that comes into the room, and the endless amount of options! I’m going to highlight some of our more popular grays we use in our new homes.



Sherwin Williams Repose Gray


Repose Gray is a true Gray and doesn’t have as many undertones as some of the other grays. Some may notice a faint hue of purple in the morning cool light before the sun has completely risen (depending on the lighting in the room), but once the sun has fully risen, it appears as a true warmer, light to medium gray.



Sherwin Williams Silver Strand


As seen on many episodes of Fixer Upper, this Joanna Gaines favorite is a Gray with Green hues. I actually have this color painted on my living room walls of my house and sometimes depending on the light, I also see hues of blue. It’s a nice cool, calming, color and looks great with white trim and hardwood floors!



Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


If you’re looking for a warmer gray with hints of beige (greige), Revere Pewter is a good one to consider! Its warm undertones make for a beautiful neutral paint color that would look great in   any home. Though to some it may appear as more of a beige on the swatch, an ample amount of light can really bring out the gray and even some slight green undertones.



Benjamin Moore Gray Owl


Gray Owl is considered to have warmer undertones, but on the walls and depending on the light, it actually appears on the cooler side. Similar to Silver Strand (mentioned above), it is a gray-green, while sometimes showing hints of blue. What makes it different from Silver Strand is that it’s a bit lighter and the green undertones are more prevalent.



With the many options of gray paint colors out there, choosing the right gray for your home may be overwhelming. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, purchase samples of greys with different undertones and see which one looks the best with the lighting of the room and the size of the space which you are painting.