Dreamy Walk-in Closets

Dreamy Walk-in Closets Gorgeous Closets that are Highly Functional

Written By Lauren Aaberg | 7/29/20


Having a large walk in closet is something to take into consideration when building a new construction home, or remodeling your current home. Especially for all of you clothing and shoe lovers out there (like me!).


There is a great amount of satisfaction in having an organized closet. Open shoe shelving allows you to display your shoe collection in an organized manner. Having several different heights for you to hang your clothing lets you separate out shirts, pants, dresses, etc. An island in the middle with a bank of drawers makes for a handy place to store socks, undergarments, ties, and other accessories.




Display – or hide away? Having an ample amount of drawer spaces give you the option to keep certain items out of sight to give your closet a clean, organized look, while still displaying those items you may use/wear more often.



Dark wood shelving is also an attractive option and helps to hide any scuffs that may occur. The light colored flooring compliments the dark wood shelving and gives this closet a polished, clean finished look.



Another great option is wire shelving. Wire shelving is highly customizable and can be configured many different ways to create the closet of your dreams. Another great thing about wire shelving is that it’s very affordable and still helps your closet appear organized!


When buidling a new home or remodeling your current master suite, put some extra time and consideration into your master walk in closet and think about what work work best for you and your household.