CoConstruct A Major Tool That Sets us Apart From Other Builders

Written By Lauren Aaberg | 7/21/2020


One of the major things that sets us apart from of our competitors is our ability to keep our jobs thoroughly tracked and organized. We use a web-based software program, Co-Construct as a tool to help our building process run more smoothly.


Co-construct tracks all changes, communication, and selections made throughout an entire project. It also helps us keep track of all plans, contracts and other files that may pertain to a build. Our clients have access to go back and review their selections, files, and communication 24/7.  It also houses any financial information and change orders.




Within Co-construct, we have implemented a template we use for our selection process that includes all of our standard options for our new construction homes, as well as upgrade options. The ability to be able to easily manipulate this template, allows us to build and properly keep track of the custom home of your dreams. No home is too custom for us to build - You imagine it, we create it.



This program effortlessly tracks all communication between the clients, trade partners, and our team. It lets you reply to the email in your inbox just as you would a regular e-mail and all gets filtered back through Co-Construct. There is also an app for iphone and Android users that lets you communicate just like you would a text message.


After a project has been completed, Co-Construct also serves as a way to communicate with us throughout our one year home warranty period.



Building a new home or remodeling your current home can be stressful life events. Contact us today for your home building and remodeling needs to learn more about our stress-free process!!