5 Functional Drop Zones

5 Functional Drop Zones 5 Functional Drop Zones to help keep your home organized

Written by Lauren Aaberg   I   June 16th 2020


Drop Zones are a great space to use as a 'catch all' while helping to eliminate clutter. There are many different ways to customize your drop zone to best suit the needs of you and your household. Here are just a few examples from past custom homes we've built in Champaign and Bloomington. 



The drop zone and laundry combination offers plenty of storage, a utility sink, and a place to drop your coats and shoes after a long day. Having the washer and dryer right inside the door is especially convenient for those days where you get caught out in the rain without an umbrella.                                                                                                                                




Upper cabinets help hide items that might make your space appear cluttered. They are also helpful to keep things put away that may need to be kept out of reach of children or pets, while still allowing quick access. A folding counter above the washer and dryer makes this a great space for completing all of your laundry related tasks. 





For you dog owners out there, I'm sure you've experienced those times where you've let your dog outside and they come to the door a few minutes later a complete muddy mess! This custom dog wash was designed for the purpose of being a hassle free way of handling those messy dog moments. 





Dividing up your custom lockers gives each person in your household their own individual space for their things, whether it's coats, hats, shoes, sports equipment, etc. The cubbies along the top help to offer some additional space for things that can't be hung up and items you don't want to store on the floor underneath the bench.





Even having a drop zone that is more simple can still be completely functional. This particular drop zone has plenty of cabinets for storage, a folding counter, and the custom coat rack doubles as a floating shelf for extra storage space. 



Whether you are building a new custom home, or looking to remodel your current home, having a functional drop zone is definitely something you may want to consider.