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Armstrong Builders Custom Homes : Home Plans

Welcome to our portfolio of home plans.

Armstrong offers home plans that have been thoughtfully designed for how you truly live. With styles, amenities and options to meet every budget and lifestyle, our innovative approach gives special attention to areas for entertaining and storage while designing flexibility into every home plan.

As a custom home builder we are able to change anything you want when it comes to the design of your new home. From adding a sunroom to changing the angle of your attached garage and anything in between - we can make your home as unique and individual as you desire.

Armstrong Custom Homes - house plans
Two Story Plans
The Chase The Custom 2 Story The Citi The Comerica
The Dodger The Fenway - 2 Car The Fenway - 3 Car The Freemont
The Mark I The Mark II The Remington - 3 Car The Safeco
The Turner The Large Williamson The Wrigley I The Wrigley II
1 1/2 Story Plans
The Briddick The Kauffman The Kell The Miller
The National The Oakley The Yankee  
Ranch Plans
The Brookridge The Neubauer The Paul The Stevenson
The Thornwood The Target